Viking reenactments, Viking weaponry, and pancakes

Jon Reinhardt Husvegg
Viking playboy, Jon Reinhardt Husvegg

Jon Reinhardt Husvegg from the Archaeology Museum of Stavanger talks with us about his work as a Viking reenactor and Viking weaponry.  Anyone interested in reenacting should have a listen to what Jon has to say. We’ve had long conversations with Jon about his work as a reenactor. This is a guy who really knows a lot about Viking weaponry too. In the end, Jon reveals his secret pancake recipe.

Viking reenactors
Viking reenactors
Viking reenactors
Viking reenactors


Here is a link Jon suggested for people to look at:

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Lebanese archaeology with rose apple pie


Nada Elias
Dr. Nada Elias during excavation in Saint-Martin de Bruch, France

Nada Elias from the University of Bordeaux talks with us about her fascinating research into the funerary practices and biological identities during the Lebanese Roman Period (1st century B.C. – 4th century A.D.). Her research involved around 300 individuals from two sites located in modern day Lebanon. Nada discusses with us her findings and the significance of her exciting work.

Beirut and Batroun in the Middle East


Zouquaq EL Blat 597 site_Beyrouth. (c) DGA Lebanon
Funerary practices at Berytus, Zouquaq EL Blat 597 site. (c) DGA Lebanon

Nada has recently returned from field work in Turkey. Where she had the privilege to work on one archaeology’s most prestigious sites- Catalhoyuk. She shares with us her experience working on such complex excavation. From the interview,  you get the impression that it was a lot of work but that she was surrounded by wonderful people.

(c) Jason Quinlan
Dr. Elias working at Catalhoyuk. Photo by Jason Quinlan.

Finally, Nada reveals to us her mind blowing apple pie recipe. Check out her recipe and photo for this amazing pie!!

Rose apple pie with cinnamon :

Rose apple pie with cinnamon


250g of flour

125g of butter

100g of caster sugar

1 egg

1 Tablespoon of lemon juice


80g of apricot jam

1 Tablespoon water


Red Apple Roses

6 red apples

2 cups of orange juice



1 egg yolks

50 g cinnamon powder


Preparation : 

Rub butter into flour, add sugar, add egg, and then lemon juice.Roll out the pastry.

Put the jam on top of the pastry.

Slice apples with a mandolin, assemble the apple like roses and put them on top of the pastry. Then add jam on top of the apple roses with a brush.

Brush the egg yolk on top of the apple roses as well, add the cinnamon powder on top of everything.

Bake everything 35 minutes in the oven with 180 degrees.

Bon appétit

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