Norse Religion and Mythology over Mackerel

Scholar and professional trance dancer, Arild Kokkervoll.

Arild Klokkervoll, from the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger, shares with us his views and thoughts about Norse religion and mythology. This is a fascinating discussion into the world of religion and mythology led by a scholar who has spent much of his career devoted to these topics.  Arild is a true scholar so anyone who has an interest in “all things” Norse is in for a real treat and eye-opening discussion.  At the end of the podcast Arild presents to us his special mackerel pasta recipe!

Øksnevad cairn 2, a year ago. Arild (l), Howell Roberts (c), and Theo Gill (r)


Music:  Provided by,  Last Night on Earth (mix) by Indepth remixed by DJ Friendly


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