Paleolithic of the Iberian Peninsula and Salmorejo from Andalucia

Javier Baena Preysler
Javier Baena Preysler

Cooking with Archaeologists is fortunate enough to have as a guest, Javier Baena Preysler of Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.  Javier is a Professor of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University.   Within Spanish archaeology, he has been a pioneer in Experimental Archaeology since the 1990s. Javier shares with us his years of experience working with Palaeolithic lithic technologies from the Iberian Peninsula.   It was a real pleasure to speak with Javier not only because of his passion for archaeology but for that of food as well.  As he mentions in the interview, the raw ingredients are everything! Such great advice!!  We hope you enjoy the interview!

Ahijones, Acheulian archaeological site in Madrid.


El Esquilleu Cave excavation (Cantabria-Spain).

Javier shares with us his mother’s recipe for salmorejo. This is a real treat! Thanks Javier for sharing!

The great salmorejo!
All archaeologists have experienced this at one time or another… Crossing a river in Dmanisis, Georgia.
Javeir Baena Preysler
Some down time from excavations in Georgia.


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