Canine evolution with an Aperol aperitif

Dr. Bridgett von Holdt
Dog lover, evolutionary biologist, and a very cool person Dr. Bridgett von Holdt

What do canine evolution and an Aperol aperitif¬†have in common? Absolutely nothing and we don’t care! Join us for today’s exciting guest, Dr. Bridgett von Holdt.¬†Bridgett is an evolutionary¬†biologist at Princeton University and an expert in canine evolution.

Whether you are a dog lover or not this is a fascinating interview with someone who breaks down a complex topic like evolution for the layperson. You’ll feel smarter after our interview with Bridgett!

Finally, Bridgett shares with us her introduction to Aperol after a trip to Germany. Summer is still here so take her advice and try some Aperol before it’s too late! Winter is coming!! (Sorry, I’m a GoT fan)

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