Alaska edition: community archaeology and wild salmon

Madison Dapcevich
Honorary archaeologist and TV reporter/producer, Madison Dapcevich

Community archaeology is the topic of today’s podcast. We chat with Madison Dapcevich, a journalist and TV reporter/producer out of KECI Montana. Madison wrote her MA thesis about a community archaeology project in her home state of Alaska. If you want to understand the power and benefits of getting a community involved in archaeology, then you should have a listen!

Next, we chat about her father’s ┬ádeliciously simple salmon recipe. If you can get your hands on some wild salmon, you need to give this recipe a go!

I’ve also been curious about Alaskan life. On today’s program, Madison provides us with her personal stories of growing up Alaskan. Apparently, all those TV programs about Alaska are accurate!

Check out this episode!

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