Canine evolution with an Aperol aperitif

Dr. Bridgett von Holdt
Dog lover, evolutionary biologist, and a very cool person Dr. Bridgett von Holdt

What do canine evolution and an Aperol aperitif have in common? Absolutely nothing and we don’t care! Join us for today’s exciting guest, Dr. Bridgett von Holdt. Bridgett is an evolutionary biologist at Princeton University and an expert in canine evolution.

Whether you are a dog lover or not this is a fascinating interview with someone who breaks down a complex topic like evolution for the layperson. You’ll feel smarter after our interview with Bridgett!

Finally, Bridgett shares with us her introduction to Aperol after a trip to Germany. Summer is still here so take her advice and try some Aperol before it’s too late! Winter is coming!! (Sorry, I’m a GoT fan)

Check out this episode!

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