Digital Archaeology with kebabs

Dr. Collen Morgan
Daniel Eddisford

We have a double dose of stimulating discussion in this week’s podcast. Well, a triple dose-actually. Dr. Colleen Morgan, a Lecture at the University of York, and Daniel Eddisford, the Field Director for “The Origins of Qatar and Doha Project,” join us to discuss digital archaeology and fieldwork. Accompanying them is their 16-month-year-old daughter, Tamsin.  There is cuteness explosion at the end of the interview that is worth the wait!

We could spend hours talking with these two. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that gets you thinking about where archaeology is heading and the issues that archaeologist face with the ever-changing and expanding technology we all face on a daily basis.

The interview ends with a delicious kebab recipe presented by Daniel.  He adds a couple of other recipes into the mix to cultivate a fascinating and authentic meal. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Digital Archaeology with kebabs”

  1. It was great talking with you. Here are some recipe notes:

    Lamb Shish Kebab

    Diced lamb
    Onions finely diced
    Chilli powder
    Aleppo pepper or Urfa Biber (smoked Turkish pepper)
    Smoked paprika
    Ground black pepper
    Ground cumin
    A few drops of lemon juice

    Marinade for at least 6 hours and then put onto skewers

    Light a BBQ with good lump-wood charcoal and let it get good and hot

    Baba ganoush

    Place the aubergines in the hot coals and let them burn until blackened and cooked through.
    Scoop out the roasted aubergine, mash with a fork and add a crushed garlic clove, olive oil and salt.

    Skewer up your lamb and cook over hot coals until it is just a little pink. Serve with flat bread and garlic labneh (or Greek yogurt)


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