Neolithic China, beer making, and rice wine.

Jiajing Wang
Jiajing Wang, archaeologist and craft beer icon.

Here is the episode to get your drink on! Stanford University Ph.D. student Jiajing Wang speaks with us today about her research into beer making and fermentation practices during the Neolithic in China. We spoke with her in China as she was finishing up some research. This is a great talk about the earliest evidence of beer making. Or, should we call it the earliest evidence of craft beer making?! Regardless, she has a lot of information for us to digest!

Jiajing examining a ceramic vessel for sampling.

We also chat about what is going on within Chinese archaeology. There seems to be an explosion of archaeological work being done within China and outside China. For those of you who have an interest in Chinese archaeology, this is the episode for you!

Finally, Jiajing shares with us a very simple and effective way to make rice wine. This is a perfect little science experiment you can do from home! Hope you all enjoy it!

Rice wine recipe:

2 cups of glutinous rice, 1 wine yeast ball (also called qu or jiuqu in Mandrin)
1. Soak the rice for an hour
2. Steam the rice for 25 min
3. Crush the yeast ball
4. Combine the yeast powder and the rice
5. Place the rice in an airtight container
6. Store the rice in a warm place (100 degrees F or 38 degrees C)
7. Taste the wine after a few days (the taste of the wine changes the longer it ferments. )

Check out this episode!

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    1. Hi Robert!

      Thanks for the post! If you Google Jiajing Wang you will find her and her publications on ResearchGate. Good luck!

      PS I love beer too:)

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