The Sotra Project, Finnish fish soup, and public outreach in archaeology

Dr. Kristin Ilves, archaeologist and expert at reaching out to the public.

Today, we have a variety of topics to discuss. Dr. Kristin Ilves joins us to talk about a very large and comprehensive archaeological project underway on the west-coast of Norway. The Sotra Project, lead by Leif Inge Astveit from the University of Bergen Museum, is currently recovering and recording archaeological remains from the early mesolithic to the late neolithic. This project, like many across Norway,  is part of a road expansion project taking place just outside of Bergen.

Stone-age expert, project leader, and all-round-cool guy Leif Inge Astveit (center) giving one of his inspiring motivational speeches to his crew.

Kristin’s role on the project is to develop, execute, and coordinate public outreach. She’s using social media as one platform to reach out to the public with a lot of success. Kristin’s been making and publishing videos documenting the excavation but also interviewing the archaeologists working on the project. It’s a great way for the general public to find out more about what archaeologists do. On a side note, this is an exciting time in archaeology because of all the new technology and social media platforms archaeologists have at our disposal to reach to the public. You should have a listen and check out the Sotra project on the link provided below!

Archaeologists are removing uncooperative and hard to get at turf. This task is probably one of the more physically demanding jobs archaeologists perform.
Test-pitting at the Sotra Project to determine the extent of the area to excavate.

Finally, Kristin shares with us a famous Finnish fish soup recipe. She discovered when doing fieldwork in Finland. For Kristin, this dish is not only easy and delicious it’s filled with fond memories! Awww…the beauty of food!

Project link!!!

Check out this episode!

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